Driver Simulator Training helps with enhancing your skills of driving using virtual reality technology.  The simulator can be programmed for many different situations that may be in countered while driving in the real world. With this training you will learn what and what not to do before it happens on the road in the future. 

  Mayor of Dryden Greg Wilson Trying out the Simulator                                        

The simulator we have is TransimVS6 which can be used for Commercial trucks, fire trucks, snow plows, buses, ect… Having a 180-degree view, using three 55" full HD resolution (1920x1080) allows for the design and delivery of realistic driving conditions. Force loaded steering provides real-time feedback during situations such as blown tires and sloshing loads. 

A selection of 140 transmissions (manual/automatic), 240 engine types, 300 tire sizes and 33 axle ratios can be chosen for your training experience. 

A realistic gear shifter allows for shifting instruction that reduces wear and tear on your equipment.

Glass dashboard allows the flexibility to replicate various makes/models of vehicles.

Seats, Steering wheel, air brakes, clutch makes for a truck like training environment for new drivers.